Yes we are moving and we are moving back to where we started in 1997, our first store was at 190 Mitchell Rd and we are moving across the street to 135 Mitchell Rd. ( old Bill's Variety). We will be easy to get to, lots of parking and on the way to where ever you are going. But that isn't happening until Sept. 1st, right now in our 241 Main St E. location we are having a MOVING SALE, please help us by taking advantage of the great deals so we don't have to move quite so much. Looking for a deal on a new bike all of our in stock bikes have special pricing. Special pricing on our in stock product only so check the online store as well as the in-store specials regularly

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Spinning is an indoor aerobic conditioning program utilizing your own bike and a trainer. It can be done alone or with friends in the privacy of your home with a spinning DVD, or in a formal class setting.


The only line of defense against bike thieves is a bike lock. If you're going to use your bicycle and leave it on the streets, you have to lock it properly.

There is a right and wrong way to lock your bicycle. Nothing is guaranteed but doing it right will improve the odds significantly.


Onguard Lock Combo

A front basket on your bike is iconic, and for a reason.

A basket provides easy access to your things. You won’t need to get off your bike or awkwardly rummage through your shoulder bag.  A stylish basket to throw your purse or wallet and keys into is one of the handiest bike accessories available.


Nantucket Lightship Basket



Arkel's foldable shopping pannier: for corner store trips or toting a full load of groceries home. The Shopper does it all! Folds tight against your rack when not in use. A drawstring sleeve extends its already spacious 1525 cubic inch capacity to 1768 cubic inches

See our extensive selection of panniers for a carrying solution that suits your needs.


Arkel Shopper




Bicycle mirrors fall into two categories - the type that mount on your bike and the type you mount on your head.

It's important to see what's coming up behind and mirrors allow you to check by moving your eyes and not becoming unbalanced by shifting your whole body.


Mirracycle Mirror

Proper tire pressure lets your bike roll quickly, ride smoothly and fend off flats.

Road tires typically require 80 to 130 psi, mountain tires 30 to 50 psi and hybrid tires 50 to 70 psi. Never go above or below the manufacturer's recommended pressures. 

See our selection of air pumps by Lezyne, Park Tool & more!


Lezyne Floor Pump


The Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar converts an ordinary child's bike into a safe, tow-able trailer bike, whenever desired.

Children can choose to coast or pedal while they are being towed, making the ride much easier for them.

Trail-Gator in action (Video)


Trail-Gator Tow Bar