Visit our new location 135 Mitchell Rd. Son the round about at Highway 86 (Main Street) and Mitchell Road (see map). We are easy to access with lots of free parking and right on the way to wherever you might be going.

Our Fall Simcoe Bike Sale is in full swing and we have some great new accessories in stock to go with them.


Sale applies to in-store merchandise only.

Ontario Cycle Celebrating 20 Years in Business


20thlogoTwenty years, hard to believe that it has really been that long. But it has, 3 moves during that time each one positioning us to better serve our customers, several re-visioning of the business as well. But we never lost sight of those things we do well

It all started on July 1997 when we purchased a small business on Mitchell Rd. S called the Sports Exchange, it mainly dealt in used sports equipment, repairs and skate sharpening. By 2000 we had outgrown our small shop on Mitchell Rd. S and it was time to move - Destination Fairlane Rd. at the north end of town.

A name change came about at the same time to better explain what it was we did. OnlySports along with a web site to extend our reach came to be. By then we had added new hockey equipment and bicycles to the mix hence the need for a larger shop. We still repaired hockey equipment, bicycles, exercise equipment and sharpened skates.



The sale of the building on Fairlane Rd. precipitated another move and in September 2006 opened its doors on Main St beside Giant Tiger. We had already started the transition from a sporting goods store to a niche market specialty store before the move and during our time on Main St we completed that transition to a life style bicycle shop, Ontario Cycle was born. We also started using social media and an online store to support our brick and mortar store as we could see that that was the future. We still did hockey equipment repair, sharpened skates and repaired bicycles.


In Sept 2016 our lease ended on Main St. and our current location came on the market at 135 Mitchell Rd. S., which for many years had been known as Bill’s Variety. This is a dream location, lots of visibility, lots of parking for our customers and great neighbouring businesses for support. We have refined our business with 2 Certified Bicycle Mechanics on staff. Our skate sharpening has gone to the next level, not just in our state of the art Blade Master sharpening equipment , but in our development of the Body Balance Skate Sharpening System for hockey and figure skaters.


In some respects we are back where we began, doing what we have always done, though it appears that we are mainly bicycle sales and service, we still remember our roots and continue to repair hockey equipment, repairing and sharpening skates (Figure and Hockey) and repairing bicycles. Here’s hoping the next 20 years are as much fun.